Listening Beyond Words 

Everyone knows the overly used cliché statement: "A picture is worth a thousand words". But when it comes to my journey with photography, I was able to get a vivid feel of what that statement really means.

I came to photography as a hobby with a handy amateur camera . Since then, I discovered the depth of photography and its ability to find beauty in a pile of rubbish, and to make sense out of what seems to be nonsense.

As my passion for photography grew, my goals remained unclear. I wanted to use photography to make a difference, but did not know how until I discovered my passion for sign language. As I got involved with working with deaf kids, I had what you call an "aha" moment. I instantly knew how to put my photography into good use, and finally understood the power of photography as a communication tool.

It struck me! Photography IS communication by itself. I learned to listen to a picture and what it says to me. It really is worth a thousand words, and the beauty of it, is that it says different things to different people.

Through my photography, I want people to listen beyond words, to really listen and not just hear. I want people to appreciate what they have and to feel blessed. Something you take for granted can be your greatest blessing. Every single picture tells a story, so listen to what it is saying to you instead of looking at it.

Photography has helped me develop my own set of words, my own dictionary, while escaping the limits of society. The visual experience that photography offers helped me escape the boundaries of languages and create a whole new different world... MY OWN WORLD, THE WAY I SEE IT, The WAY I LISTEN TO IT