53 visual reflection 

2015 Weekly Visual Diary

I moved to Copenhagen mid-2014, where I had to adjust to the fact of living "Danishly". Everything must be booked in advance, everything is based on an organized calendar!!

As this new phase of my life was taking shape daily, I wanted to document everything - emotions, reflections, reactions and scenery - in one frame! As Ira Glass once said "Great stories happen to those who can tell them." This visual diary project started when I realized I needed to document my weeks in an agile and spontaneous approach, focusing on 3 elements. Namely, what I see, what I feel and how I react.

We keep repeating this age's motto of "I don't have time". Yes, time is "running" while days and years are just passing by. But every single week of mine in 2015 was a valuable lesson, with all its ups and downs. Some weeks might talk to you while others may not...but for me documenting 53 weeks of inside/out feelings is what I wanted to share through this diary.

Hope you will enjoy my diary, my integration and my reflections. Yet, remember: what I see is who I am and what you see through my art is what you would like to see in yourself!