If shoes has eyes 

We have reached the moon. We are studying the possibility of life on Mars. We always want more than what we have. We neglect the things we already have. We stopped appreciating the life that is offered to us. We ceased finding beauty in the simple things.

" We " refers to us, the humans. Nevertheless, there is nothing humane about what we are doing. We are aspiring high, living large, and looking for new things in life, but are we looking in the right places? Are we actually SEEING?The photos I took are much more than still creative images, taken from an interesting angle. The photos represent a feeling I had while I was practicing Yoga. As I lay on the ground, with a great sense of peace, I looked around me. Surrounding my feet, were random simple things that we look at every day, but never actually see.
I knew at that moment, that photographing from that angle, would convey a message that would make viewers look at their lives from a different angle as well.My camera in hand, I was amazed with the extreme diversity of things I was able to photograph. I remember thinking how amazing it would be, if my shoes had eyes. I started looking down, and realized, that I cannot look up, unless I appreciate what I already have.THE WORLD IS AT OUR FEET... ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS TO SEE